Your Vote for Mercaz is Needed in the World Zionist Congress Election


We have very few opportunities, as Jews living in America, to influence and make change in Israel.

This is one of those times.

Every five years, Jews from around the world are asked to step-up and be counted in the World Zionist Congress Election. The next election begins on January 21 and ends March 11, 2020. 152 delegates will be elected to represent the US and asked to make critical decisions about the future of the Jewish people in Israel – religious freedom, democratic principles, and the celebration of diversity – are all at stake.

Your Vote for Mercaz Can Make Real Change.

Stand up and be counted. Casting your vote for the MERCAZ Slate will ensure that the Conservative Movement has the strongest possible delegation at the Congress. Join us!


Countries other than the U.S.:

  • Canada: Visit - Their membership campaign ends January 31.